SARENGUE® - Salsa and Merengue Fitness

"Sarengue goes New York"

Due to the new data protection regulations only our trainer is to be seen. We had motivated and great participants who started the day with Sarengue® as early-morning exercise. We hope to be here again soon and are looking forward to many pleasant contacts!

Feel-good program including rhythm and happiness

Sarengue®- scientifically proven if you participate at least once a week.

Especially effective with

  • overweight
  • chronic pain
  • and for prevention

Our Sarengue®centers:

Everybody (that is from 16 to 80 years) can do sarengue®. It strengthens all muscles, you shed pounds, especially at problem areas.

There are no choreographies, just basic techniques from salsa and merengue. As everyone knows being active clears your mind and the music will carry you off.

It is ideal for keen dancers who do not have a dancing partner, for people who enjoy Latin-American music and for those who consider themselves as being unathletic but still want to do something good for their health. This hour is an ideal chance for those who enjoy life wihtout being very sporty, though, and who rather do not have the time to do sports. Even if you do not know how to dance, you will easily be able to do sarengue®. The same is true for men who want to stay fit wihout having a lot of time.

Sarengue® is offered in health centers (medical training therapy), sports rehabs, sports clubs and in Optifast® centers that take part in our program. It is also offered by freelancing but specially Sarengue® trained instructors.

For further inforamation such as costs, locations, clubs, etc.see or call your local center.

From a medical point of view

Weight reduction measures that are based on several aspects (such as diet, sports, psychology and medical measures) usually come into effect (e.g. Optifast®). Yet, from a certain level this dietary change has reached its peak and only being active will show results. This is also proven in the German TV show “The biggest looser”.

Professor Dr. Thomas Loew, specialist for psychosomatic medicine at the university hospital in Ratisbon says it is difficult for patients to keep themselves motivated.

In accordance with a study he was able to prove that Sarengue®, compared to regular weight reduction measures within a group of people, achieved special results.

By doing Sarengue®, within the same time, problem zones like hips and belly are toned up again like in no other sports measure (Loew et al, Psychologische Medizin, a German medical magazine, 2015). Furthermore, he explains, this special dancing fitness is, for its special movement sequences, very joint-friendly.

Positive results for overweight persons have already been scientifically proven. In addition to that even cancer patients and patients with chronic pain diseases who also benefit from sports programs will achieve good results with Sarengue®.

However, this study has not been completed yet. Considering prevention Sarengue® is also very suitable. The great advantage here is having people coming together for the same reason, dancing and enjoying a great time, forgetting one´s own illness. Having the same aim is already a benefit – this is another proven fact, too.

Even at 78, 80 and 85 years, Sarengue® is still possible ...


Recommended by:

  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Loew, university hospital in Ratisbon, psychosomatic clinic
  • Dr. Ute Mann, senior physician surgeon and dietician at the hospital „Römerbadkliniken in Bad Gögging”
  • Lympho-Opt-clinic Hohenstadt
  • Prof. Dr. med. Volker Hanf, senior physician of the center of breast diseases in Fürth
  • Dr. med. Stefanie Knob, senior physician of the center of breast diseases
  • Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-Gunk, head consultant of the gynecological clinic at the hospital “Schön Klinik Nuremberg Fürth”, Chief of the German Center for Prevention and Anti-Ageing Medicine
  • Gynecological docotors and specialists of at the “Stadtpark in Nuremberg
  • Dr. med. Joachim Zimber, internist,hematologist and internistic oncology
  • Dr. med. Sabine Heininger, specialist of general medicine, primary care physician, physician of manual therapy and chiropractic therapy
  • Dr. Werner Heininger, specialist of general medicine,emergency physician, chiropractic therapy, sports physician and pharmacist
  • Dr. med. Guntram Mahir, specialist of internal medecine and public health care
  • Dr. med. Christiane Neubaum, dermatologist
  • Petra Boeck, physical therapist
  • Dr. Jürgen Schwarz-Boeck, specialist of otolaryngology
  • Andrea Rottenberger, primary care physician Dr. Martin Rottenberger, internist, emergency physician, primary care physician, psychosomatic priamry care
  • Dr. Steffen Knorr, internist, respiratory physician
  • Prof. Dr. med. Marion Raab, specialist of anatomy at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • Renate Schindler, physical therapist, psychological doctor´s office
  • Support groups for cancer in Fürth and Hersbruck