SARENGUE® - Salsa and Merengue Fitness

You enjoy Latin-American music and rhythms?

Then you are totally right here!
Go for it! No matter whether you are young or old – dancing is fun!
And you do not even need a dancing partner!

The German magazine “Freundin” writes on sarengue®

An article that was published in August 2013:

Sport-Hürde: “I want to get in shape, but I really do not want suffer while exercising.”

The bad news first: You will be sweating. Only by working your muscles and quickening your pulse, will you encourage your metabolism and your condition will improve. However, there is a solution to your problem, too. With sarengue® you will be forgetting that you are doing sports. Our recommendation: Just dance!

Dancing means having fun and efficiently working your cardiovascular system at the same time. Furthermore, a research carried out by the university of Tübingen found that it will rise your serotonin in your blood and as a consequence it will lift your spirits.

By the way, this new dancing style is called sarengue®. It is a combination of aerobic and Latin-American rhythms; sometimes fast and sometimes slow. The steps are easy to learn, the moves are dynamic and flow, we spin here and jump around there.
Legs and trunk musculature are trained, our posture will improve and our condition anyway.

Best thing about it, we do not even realize burning a 380 calories an hour.

To all who are new:

Just join us on all occasions and be here thirty minutes early (except for Thursdays 6pm and Mondays 9pm). You will then be instructed by Alex and her educated trainers.

Concerning sportswear make sure it is comfortable. Bring shoes that slide or wool socks (no sneakers, neither any non-slip socks).

The instruction on sarengue® is very important for beginners as well for advanced dancers.

Although sarengue® moves seem to be easy to learn, you still could cause damage if you move incorrectly or, you then might just have heard some hot music without achieving any success. That is for sure. As more and more people in today´s society suffer from back pain or knee problems, it is very important to us that you exercise properly. Every step and muscle that is to be toned will be explained in detail and all wrong moves or postural defects that might occur will be pointed out. This is the only way to be successful in growing muscles, reducing weight, etc.

Please do not bring any drinks. We run a café that offers fair prices.

Furhter Information

Why go for sarengue®? – Testimonials: Everybody can learn and go for Sarengue®, the dancing fitness. No matter how old! Read some statements of fascinated dancers:

Free courses for cancer patients: Once a month we would like to offer one free sarengue® class to all cancer patients.

Press Find German articles and more information on the dancing school “Alex”, especially on sarengue®.

Education of sarengue® instructors You are already hooked on sarengue® and want to offer this special program to others, too? The education to become a sarengue® trainer will take place here in our fitness club.

The Sarengue® Gallery – Pictures by Berny Meyer

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If he is not on duty, the emergency doctor is busy dancing, too!

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Terms and Conditions on the Courses

Sarengue® courses are to be paid in cash the same day.

Bringing drinks is not permitted.
These offers are subject to confirmation. All errors and misprints shall remain reserved.