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Today I would like to share my experiences in SARENGUE® with you.

2 years ago I had the desire to do sports, because unexpectedly I reached the menopause and gained 15 kilos within 3 months.
As the expression goes, sports kill you … laugh
Two weeks later I was not able to walk anymore and I had to be brought to the doctor`s. It did not only have to do with the sports activity, but it was triggered by it.
My doctor gave me injections and medicine, and then I went home.
That was two years ago. It went on this way being given injections into my lower back every third month. It felt good to get them, but they did not last for long and I walked like an old woman. I could not put on my clothes anymore, I had to sit down in order to tie my shoes and when driving my car I had such pains that I almost cried. When getting out of my car, every step hurt and became a torture.
When I was in the CT-tube last year, I was told that I was lucky not to have a slipped disc. Fair enough, but what was it then ???
I had arthrosis in the LUMBAR SPINE … great.
What I still have to say is that I took all the medicine I could get, I ordered capsules from England, I bought everything I could get in pharmacies, I was at the non-medical practitioner, I was at physiotherapy – but nothing helped.
I inquired on the web and then I landed on the website of Alex`s dance school. I looked precisely at the videos and the article and felt a yearning to try it out.
No sooner said than done. That was this year in February. I went there, had a test training and what shall I say … I just liked it.
I go to training once or twice a week and I have not taken a break so far.
What I can say about this SARENGUE® is that I do not have such pains anymore, I can bend down, I can put on my clothes standing upright, I can drive my car, even longer trips, and I am a person again who can move well and participate in every day’s life.
I am so happy I could cry, as all I have to do is that type of sport at Alex`s.
I do not need any painkillers anymore.
It is a doozie to make this experience.
It is nonsense that my arthrosis will disappear, but I can rebuild my life thanks to SARENGUE® and I am up to 80 % free of pain.
My name is Monika, I am 49 years young and happy to have taken this decision.

Thank you so much, ALEX


Dear SARENGUE®Team in Regensburg,

I have been suffering from RLS (restless legs syndrome) for many years.
When visiting a restaurant I got the flyer about Sarengue®.
After having read it, I thought that the movement with lively music would be good for me and I tried it out.
It was great! And after 5-6 training sessions my symptoms improved and almost disappeared. Now I am really fine and I have a lot of fun with Sarengue®.

Gisela, 73


First: Sarengue® is pure joy of living for me.

Moving to Latin American rhythms gives me a great deal of fun and well-being.

Now from the start:

In 2015 I had breast cancer surgery (amputation) and 30 lymphs were removed. The neurologist prescribed me endurance sport and muscle development training. It is scientifically recognized that daily movement reduces the recurrence rate by 40 per cent. However, it was not so easy to find the right type of sport. I did not like bodybuilding and rehab sport, and just walking – that was too simple.

In the women`s hospital in Fürth the flyer „Sarengue® for cancer patients – medically approved – 1 / month free at Tanzschule Alex“ fell into my hands. That`s it. I couldn`t get this thought out of my mind anymore, as I like dancing. I only had concerns due to my age, given that I was more than 70 years old. So I called and Alexandra told me that I was not the eldest person. That encouraged me and I set off to Tanzschule Alex. I was friendly welcomed and I got half an hour of instruction. I was pleasantly surprised how fast I had learnt the steps and the posture. And I had such a lot of fun that I stayed. 1 / week or - if possible - more often.

At first my body posture was not upright anymore due to the drains of the operation, chemo, irradiation and the fact that I had cancer. I was bent forward, had pains resulting from lymph draining disturbance, lymphedema in my arms, and my legs, the scars and my belly hurt. Thanks to Sarengue® these symptoms improved in a way that I almost had no physical complaints anymore, and most of all I could walk upright again. The bad thoughts that the diagnosis cancer had caused disappeared and I was able to live a carefree life.

Thanks to Sarengue® I have found my vital energy again. I shout it out to everybody who is miserable and ill, whether physically or psychically: practice Sarengue®! The constant fatigue one feels after the chemo has totally disappeared thanks to Sarengue®. This is a fatigue many patients have.

Thanks, Alex, for having created that wonderful programme for me and for us all. And what I had hardly considered possible: You brought back my courage to face life again. And I can enjoy my life again. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Annegret 75


Hi Nadja,
I wanted to say “Thank you“ for having caught my attention concerning the type of movement of Sarengue®.
For me as a former lazy bone or so-called “couch potato“ it is a real pleasure to see what movement can provoke in my body at the age of 50. As a body therapist and an alternative practitioner it is highly interesting for me to do these experiences myself.
There are so many people for whom sport activities cause pain in their body, and I would like to tell those people that Sarengue® offers a great possibility to do something for their body. Everybody in his or her own rhythm, in his or her own speed, without disturbing the others in their workout.
A very successful program and extremely valuable to both the body and its joints. Compliments to the inventor!
And you are doing great! I am looking forward to the next training session.


Hi Alex,

I have been attending Sarengue® twice a week for about seven months now.
From the beginning I have been thrilled and I still am. I felt fitter after a short time already, my body became firmer and stronger and in the meantime I “dropped” an entire dress size.
A further affirmative statement has recently been made by my professional osteopath who said: “Since you have been practicing Sarengue®, your body is much better treatable than before!”
Great praise!

Kind regards, Lili


Sarengue® really made me jump off the sofa. Top-experienced introduction and continuous motivation.
The music and the group help you enormously do the course in a regular way. The success and result are muscle development and fitness and a lot of fun along with a good mood.
As I earn such a lot of profit on doing this course, I also recommend it to my patents as adjuvant therapy, for example in cases of chronic pain, tensions and for reducing stress.

Dr. Renate Müller-Herzog


As a gynecologist and preventive medicine I am since 2008 certified Tigerobics trainer.
I have been giving full body training for women of all ages for 10 years, including during pregnancy and postpartum. I also pass on my own experiences from a course in body understanding in my courses.

Now I'm an avid Sarengue® instructor, because I think Sarengue® is the icing on the cake for a whole body
training. If you follow exactly the instructions, you train your entire body optimally without repetitive movements without equipment and without taking damage.

At the same time an endurance training that makes you fit, good mood included!

Dr. med. Silvia Weidinger-Köppen, gynecologist


As a Sarengue® trainer I have the privilege and I am happy to do something good to my health. Thanks to my training to become an instructor at Alexandra`s in Zirndorf, the malformation of my hips could be recognized at an early stage and it could be counteracted with the Sarengue® program. Thanks to the good education as an instructor and the well planned exercises I would like to express my sincere praise to Alexandra, and I want to pass on my knowledge in future trainings!

Helene Schaifele, prospective Bachelor of Science


At the age of 16 I had a slipped disc and since then I have had to see that my back and abdominal musculature were regularly trained. Of course, my predominantly seated activity in an office is not optimal, therefore, I was looking for a possibility to build muscles and also have some fun at the same time. Since the beginning of 2015 I had been attending the Sarengue® training in Zirndorf once a week and I quickly realized that all my requests were fulfilled.
When I knew that I had become pregnant by the beginning of 2017, I was delighted, of course. After consultation with my doctor, I continued doing the Sarengue® training as I had done before. Until the end of my pregnancy (by the 36th week of pregnancy) I was able to attend the courses without any problems. During the whole pregnancy I did not have any back pain, I felt mobile until the end of my pregnancy and I was able to keep my weight gain within a certain limit.
After my pregnancy I am determined to get back to the training and to reduce the remaining kilos which are due to the pregnancy.
Sarengue® is a training that may be adapted to any living situation and therefore, it is optimal for me.



Everybody can do sarengue®. It is easy dancing fitness. It strengthens your muscles and you shed pounds, especially at problem areas.

There are no choreographies, just basic techniques from salsa and merengue. Dancing sarengue® will clear your mind and the music will carry you off.
There are classes in the morning as well as in the evenings. The first one is free of charge.

Read some statements of our keen sarengue® dancers:

In February 2016 I had a torn muscle fibre in the calf. Suddenly my usual jogging exercises were not possible anymore.
I had already heard about Sarengue®, as my wife and I are attending a dancing course at Alex` dancing school.
Spontaneously, we took the opportunity and went to our first Sarengue® test training in spring 2016. We had a lot of fun and additionally, it was a good sporty complement to jogging in any case.

The little problems with my lumber spine I had had in former times have almost completely gone since then.
However, in my opinion, two training sessions a week are much more effective than just an occasional “drop by” in order to have visible and perceptible effects.
Besides it is a great opportunity for us to do sports together.



S – Such enjoyment of exercise / Super fun at movement
A – Activity
R – Rhythm
E – Energy
N – Nice people
G – Good mood
U - Unconditionally entertaining
E – Effectiveness

For lots of people it is quite naturally and commonplace. Not for me, however, because I was an absolute lazy bone, or said in modern terms, a couch potato, due to my severe overweight. I tried a lot of things, but finally rejected them all. There was nothing that I really enjoyed.
During my cancer illness I saw a flyer of Alex` dancing school about Sarengue® at the hospital, and I took it home. When my therapy had ended, I got hold of the flyer again. Shaken up through the illness I wanted to change many things in my life. Most importantly, I had to regain my strength.
As I like Latin American music and dancing, I registered at Alex`. Immediately after the first training lessons it was open plain for me: THAT was exactly what I wanted to do! Thanks to the regular participation and the friendly and professional support, I got more and more routine and perseverance. I felt comfortable in the group and did not feel inhibited because of my overweight.
In the meantime I have been doing Sarengue® for almost one and a half years, I regained a lot of my former strength and energy and I have already lost some kilos. Former tensions are simply blown away and I am a lot more mobile.
I have been attending the training in Nuremberg-Erlenstegen since January. Every week I go to the training lessons regularly and with such pleasure – and I always come home again afterwards in a good mood and motivated. Anger and concerns disappear, and your head is freed.
I can`t imagine living without Sarengue® anymore. If somebody had told me some years ago that I would have fun moving and being mobile, I would have called him or her crazy.

Thank you so much, dear Alex, for this great programme. For me it is a considerable increase of zest for life, quality of life and especially movement.

Ute (56) from Nuremberg


Dear Alex, after one and a half years practising Sarengue® with you at your place, it is time for me to give a short statement. I had been attending aqua fitness twice a week for 10 years, and I also enjoyed it a lot, but then, unfortunately, the swimming-pool was closed. Then I started looking for another possibility of doing sports. During the week I sit at my desk for long hours and I absolutely want and have to move at least during my leisure time in order not to let my aching joints and my damaged spinal discs get rusty. Unfortunately, I was sympathetic neither to the hours nor to the prices of the different aqua fitness courses that were offered. Then I overheard a talk about Sarengue® and I immediately knew that THIS is it. As I like this kind of music, I love dancing and the training hours as well as the possibility of starting without a contract were simply super, there was and still is no better thing than to go there and practise twice a week. You go to the dance studio and all the stress of the whole day is forgotten. When you hardly stand on the dance floor and the music starts, you begin to smile at once. If you have no chance of coming at a time, you get withdrawal symptoms instantly. And quite incidentally, you have less pain of the body or the joints. Simply fantastic!

Many greetings, Carmen


Sarengue®, physiotherapy for the well-being of all muscles. Skeletal related muscle training with a high fun factor for young and older people thanks to personal trainers who respond to individual problems of the participants. Positive influence on weight reduction. All in all a successful combination of gymnastics and fun factor. To be recommended for everybody.

Dr. med K.P. Kammerer
Specialist in general practise


In January 2017 I obtained my qualification as a Sarengue® instructor and I have been running trainings regularly in Erlenstegen since then. I was operated three times at the metatarsophalangeal joint and therefore, I am not able to go jogging or to walk a lot. I did have my doubts about whether I could do the study of an instructor at all. Furthermore, I had been suffering from neck pain for long months, and the pain was partly so strong that I could hardly move my head. At the end of the week of training and study in January my neck pain was gone - and it has been gone since now thanks to the regular trainings. The operated foot was and still is no handicap at all, as I had doubted at the beginning. I do not feel any pain within my foot and so I am able to run my trainings without any problems. I can only recommend Sarengue® :-)

Sandra Vila Santa


I have been attending the Sarengue® training at Alex` dance school twice a week since October 2016. I am 56 years old and work full-time as a secretary. Sitting for prolonged periods is like poison for my body, and I have always been in search of a sports activity that makes fun and does well, too. That`s what I have found with Sarengue® now. My physical well-being has improved a lot – I haven`t got any pains anymore: the tensions have gone, as the “rusty“ joints are well trained. And after a long working day, when your head is smoldering like a chimney, the rhythmical music is good for the soul. I can only recommend it and I am glad that I have found my way there and that this training even exists. Thank you so much, Alex!



Dear Alex,
I have been attending Sarengue® training twice a week since September 2016.
Suffering from having had slipped discs (seven times), a meniscus tear and arthrosis, the possibilities of selecting sports activities were very limited.
Since I have been participating at Sarengue® training, I have been doing better and better every week!
I have got neither knee problems nor spinal pains anymore, and the arthrosis has been rather limited.
I also think it`s a good thing that there are several different training dates per week.
I can recommend Sarengue® with a clear conscience.



During my last holiday I met a friend I had not seen for a year. She was astonished "how good I was looking", "how lean I had become" and "what a great posture I had". I realised that this must have been the effect of having taken part at the Sarengue® course regularly for the last two years. In addition to this, my shoulder aches have disappeared. That is what I owe to Sarengue®.

Hanne, 72 years

My husband and I are members of the regular dance group at the dancing school „Tanzschule Alex“.
When I was 5 months pregnant with twins, Alex spoke to me and asked me if I wanted to take part at a trial lesson of Sarengue®, as my belly had already grown a lot (I am going to have twins) and I would have to consider to strengthen my back. That`s how I started with Sarengue®.

I have been taking part at Sarengue® lessons one hour per week for the last four months, I have not had any backache so fair, and in spite of my considerable stomach scope at the end of the ninth months of pregnancy, I feel fit and active.
In the beginning I was a little bit skeptical about the question if I would be able to do the movements respectively to my growing belly, but it turned out to be no problem to follow the different steps.

After the pregnancy I want to continue with Sarengue® in any case, because this kind of movement in order to strengthen my back muscles convinced me absolutely.

I only can recommend Sarengue® and I am really grateful to Alex for having talked to me about that course.



Dear Alex,

First I would like to say a great big thank you to you and Sarengue®.

During the last years I had to be operated several times at my shoulders, in total five times. Each time it was a rerupture of the rotator cuff.

The tendons which could still be maintained were fixed within the shoulder bones by using thin ropes and titanium biological cork anchors. Unfortunately, these anchors broke out again when strain was put on. As a consequence I had to be operated again. I could do sports only in a restricted way.
Until I received a Sarengue® flyer in my letterbox.

This was exactly the right thing for me. We talked about my shoulder problems and you, my dear Alex, you showed me some alternative exercises.
It works great, fantastically! I am thrilled about Sarengue®. You can combine quickly the hip, groovy music together with the dance steps. All muscles are used, and you are in a constant motion without any effort.
At the end of the lesson there is relaxing and stretching and, what I am particularly pleased about, the final exercise for shoulders, neck and arms.

Thus, I can save myself the effort of going steadily to physical therapy. Each time I go home feeling satisfied and being in a good mood.

Kind regards, Helga


Hello my dear Alex:

I really have been looking for some sort of activity that would be perfect for me….So I tried everything from aerobic, exercising my back, hula hoop training and Pilates, which was fun.

However, I always had to overcome my weaker self. Now, doing Sarengue®, this has changed. There is no more the weaker one but joy!

Thanks for all those great moves, the great music and the nice atmosphere. I really enjoy taking part.

Best wishes

Michaela (aged 50 upwards)


Dear Alex:

For some years now I have been suffering from fibromyalgia, sort of a soft – tissue rheumatism, also known as a chronic pain disease.
Not only do my joints hurt, I also stiffen. This is why life has not been very joyful. Sports activities such as swimming, dancing, biking, running and, of course, the daily housework have always caused a lot of pain. I have already been to many doctors and there has not been one therapy yet that helped on a long term; just cortisone syringes have helped so far, however, on a short term only.
Now this is where you come in. You told me to try Sarengue®.
It would strengthen parts of the muscles and therefore was good to prevent me from stiffening and becoming tense. I had my doubts as I had tried many things before that did not work.

I have been taking part in Sarengue® since last October.
The first weeks were very exhausting and painful.
Still, I had lots of fun. The moves to the music and the nice atmosphere did me good. In your course trainers have an eye on my false posture (e.g. the hyperlordosis) which is a great help to improve my back. Another great benefit is that there is not only one trainer in front of the mirror but more. They take care of your posture and movement sequences, show you how to correct them and motivate you. Gradually, week after week, I noticed that my permanent headache and tensions had gone. Moving has become a lot easier. I could lift my arms without having to cry.
This improvement is a clear benefit for dancing as well since it has become easier for my husband to lead me.
The housework, too, has become a lot easier for me to do. I can do many things again without hurting. I do not have do go and see doctors all the time anymore. I look forward to every Sarengue® session with you and your team.

Alex, thanks for your advice.



Dear Alex:

I have had problems with my back since I was young a girl (born in 1949). In all those years not a single doctor was really able to help me. They even said I would need a wheel chair one day.

At the beginning of the year 2013 my right knee joint was completely exchanged, as my back problems had caused a severe malposition.

In December 2013, after a sports rehab and many hours at the physical therapist, I took part in Sarengue®. Music and dancing have always been a joy to me and after the second session it was obvious: “This was the right thing for me to do!”

I have been taking part in Sarengue® now twice a week and every time I look forward to it as I meet nice people and instructors, enjoy great music and am able to have fun.

Health wise I am feeling a lot better and joy of life has returned. Moreover, it has become a lot easier to move and I have reduced pain killers to a minimum.

During our New Zealand vacation in 2015 I was even able to do all the sightseeing we had planned which I absolutely enjoyed. “Just great”.

Thanks a lot to you Alex and your team!



Dear Alex:

What a lucky find you were!

Actually I was going to take part in a quick dancing course with my husband to practice a bit for our daughter´s wedding. Now, however, I have become one of your keen sarengue® dancers.

As I had to quit playing tennis in my team, the year did not start too well for me. This was due to slipped disks which resulted in heavy back pain that even affected my legs. Many times I even had to spend the nights in the sofa, because it was really painful. My physical therapist who had to reset my joint recommended dancing to build up muscles.

Since the middle of May I have been taking part in the sarengue® course twice, sometimes three times a week.

Today my back does not hurt anymore, I can enjoy life again.

I even realize a positive side effect that is, having lost four centimeters of hip and three centimeters of waist measurement.

You are always in such a good mood – add that to the Latin-American music, pleasant participants and the visible effect on my body made me fit again.

Thank you so much!



This program is ideal for any non-dancer, especially for men who want to stay fit without bothering too much. A program which you actually could do at home, but you would not do so as it is a lot more fun sharing this with many others.

About one and a half years ago, after my foot surgery, I was out of shape and always had to suffer from strong back pain and tensions.

So I knew that I had to do something, quickly. I read about sarengue® in a newspaper article and right after the first lesson I knew that was it! The targeted exercises that were all instructed by professionals helped to relax my vertebra and to improve my posture. Another positive effect of sarengue® was building up my muscles of the abdomen and arms again. Since then I have been able to handle back pain.

That means: Sarengue® three times a week- from head to toe!

My result: Sarengue® equals in my personal feelgood program, combined with great music, a lot of power, fun and nice people!

Thanks a lot, Alex. Keep going!

Charlotte, 58 years old


Hello Alex:

I am sitting here on the balcony of our hotel room, looking at the sea and recalling a wonderful day of our vacation. I realized how much you contributed to that.

If someone had told me three years ago, when my incurable and not treatable muscle disorder was diagnosed, that I would be able to do thirty minutes of dancing fitness, thirty minutes of belly dancing, thirty minutes of work out and swimming of sixty laps without gasping, I certainly would have not believed it.

After that diagnosis I did regular physical rehab. Although the staff was very competent and nice, nothing really changed.

I have been taking part in your “sarengue® muscle growth program” for five months now. The great music, the rhythms of intensive and relaxing moves plus that nice atmosphere improved my condition, my power, my breathing and being able to move at all indeed.

In addition to that, I am always able to work off stress and I am able to think positive again. I leave the studio being in a good mood!
Alone that progress means a lot to my health!

My son is a fashion designer. Four months ago he carefully asked me, taking my measurements, where to find my waist. He smirked. I, too, had to search for my waist. When I picked him up from the airport three weeks ago, he saw me and was delighted to say:”Hey, Mom! I can see a waist”

It seems the mirror had told the truth. What else would I care for?
Thanks a million to you, my sarengue® trainer, that I really feel a lot better today. Even though I cannot recover from my illness, I am now able to handle it. Sharing my story with you, I hope to encourage other women who have to face similar problems.

Thanks a lot for your support! Lots of love!



Another statement on sarengue®

Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer! What followed was an amputation, chemotherapy, and an anti-hormonal therapy. Although I wanted to be become active again, I was not able to find something that I liked and could have done with my joint pain and my obvious overweight.

Then I found the flyer, offering sarengue® to cancer patients. That was it! I always have enjoyed moving to music and it reminded me of how much I liked dancing.

So I went to check it out and, immediately, I was taken by the warm reception and by the nice and decent atmosphere.
I learnt the steps quickly and the rhythms of the music really got me. I could not believe it:

I really survived one hour without even being out of breath, no asthma in sight. Nothing hurt and all that dancing felt wonderful. So, I pulled myself together and took part in all the lessons in the following week. It turned out not to be very exhausting and the people I met were all very friendly. Ever since I make most of it and do sarengue® whenever it is possible.

I am able now to be more active. I have become stressable again and I must say: “You better watch out, you might become addicted to it!”


Dear Alex:

Having read the newspaper article on your offer, dancing, fitness and fun without being contracted (sarengue®), made me dial your number of the dancing school.

The person who answered, your Mom, encouraged me (despite my age and not knowing how to dance at all) to drop by, wearing a pair of woolen socks and just try it.

Said and done. I have been doing sarengue® now for three years and it is a lot of fun. Only after while was I not feeling any back pain anymore, my posture had improved and I just felt good being active, enjoying such a nice music.

All in all, once hooked on a rhythm, always hooked on a rhythm and, it is included by professional instruction, style, fun and friends.

Alex, you run your school with a big heart, keep going!

Ursel (64 years old)

Hello Alex:

Your sarengue® program is the perfect training for muscle growth, agility and stamina. I shed pounds and I am able to forget about my sorrows as, thanks to the music, they are gone with the wind. According to the second international symposium “Sports and Cancer” in Munich 2011, cancer patients are to do sports and therefore sarengue® is definitely to recommend.

Dear Alex thanks a lot for your ideas, your dynamic behavior and your good mood. We just love being there with you.

Andrea Rottenberger, GP, physician of primary care in Cadolzburg.
Dr. Martin Rottenberger, internist, emergency doctor, psychosomatic care and primary care physician in Cadolzburg.

In July 2011, shortly after learning of my breast cancer diagnosis, Alex offered me, as a long-term participant of sarengue® and other dancing courses, to become a sarengue® trainer. Although I had been sick, I gratefully accepted her offer and it was the best that ever happened to me!

During my cheomotherapy and radiotherapy I did sarengue® about three times a week and I hardly had any side effects neither any forms of depression.

After my surgergy (including excisions of lymph nodes), I was able to go back to training after a week only (as my legs were ok). Gradually I worked my arms again that way I got round doing any physical therapy. Furthermore, I have not got any lymphedema so far and I kept myself in good shape during the entire disease. Although I had poor leucocytes I did not have any cold neither did I put on weight by all the cortisone I had to take.

So, I really can recommend sarengue®. I am deeply grateful to Alex. Thanks to her and sarengue®, I felt good during this illness and I never thought about giving up.



Dear Alex:

With sarengue® a dream has come true! For eight years I have been suffering from the Lyme disease, which means my arms and legs have been hurting. Lately, I hardly could get out of bed and stand up straight for pain.

Still I decided to go and dance sarengue®. It was unbelievable. I really did it – an hour without feeling any pain. The moves are just perfect. Having not achieved anything with physical therapy for years, I did so with sarengue®. That calls for a legal approval by health insurances.

Furthermore, all that nice music and all the nice people make your happiness hormone level rise and it is just a lot of fun, too.

Kind Regards



Dear Alex:

It is really important to me to inform you that due to your sarengue® courses I have not been felling any pain anymore for four months as my permanent companion, meaning the lumbago has gone completely and I have been felling so good in a long time. I am as fit as a fiddle.

I can only recommend sarnegue® to everybody and I am looking forward to next week.

Thank you very much.


Hello Alex:

Well, here is our statement then:

After millions of years of evolution we are ideal for travelling a daily distance of 10-15 kilometers of difficult terrain and to starve, too. Thank God we do not have to go all through that anymore. However, evolution did not imply our daily life; it was not meant to be like that. All abundance and that great lack of agility result in most of our health problems. Sarengue® is the solution! It is the perfect recreational sports, which - with the right equipment and preparation - displays a ideal stamina training, worked out twice a week without wasting any time.

Ideally, every muscle will be toned and your coordination as well as stamina will be improved. Therefore it is a medicine that is fun!

Lots of love,


Dr. med. Sabine Heininger, GP and specialist for primary care, doctor of manual medicine (chiropractic therapy).
Dr. Werner Heininger, specialist for primary care, emergency doctor, osteopathy, sports physician and pharmacist.

A dermatologist´s opinion on sarengue®:
A regular training will result in muscle growth, lifting of conjunctive tissue, padding reduction and face lifting – without any chemistry or scalpel.

At the same time that kind of work out is spinal exercise and stamina training. I, myself, take part in the lessons and can therefore only confirm every result.

Dr. med. Christiane Neubaum


A year sarengue® (twice a week) – what is means to me? Tensions in my neck and the headaches I was suffering from are history. That upbeat music and steps which even I understood just make me happy. What baffles me every time is the energy I gained after every sarengue® class. Forget about being tire all the time. And, I conquered my weaker self by doing something that is really fun! Thank you, Alex, for your ideas and your good mood.



As a physical therapist patients often ask me what to do with their back and what kind of sport would do them any good.

With sarengue® you will train a straight posture, your stabilization and the mobilization of your spine. Even more important, sequences of the movements change regularly, which means, instead of boring exercises those active movements are fun; you do not even notice tensing up, recovering and stretching your musculature. Big mirrors enable you monitor yourself and experienced trainers help you avoid an inappropriate physical strain.
The lively music and the achievement you are able to recognize within the first hour only make you easily dance for sixty minutes and you will keep dancing and dancing and dancing…..

I say the health insurance should cover sarengue®

Petra Boeck, physical therapist in Oberasbach and Zirndorf


Last November I suffered from a slipped disk.

I really did not want to have a surgery done, so I decided to go for an outpatient physical rehab followed by physical therapy. Shortly before Christmas I read an article on sarengue® and went to try it. At once I was fascinated. All the movements are ideal to relax tensions and to grow muscles. My physical therapist, Bernhard Ebert, even agrees. He is a real fan of spiral dynamics. Dancing generally regulates your musculature.

Additionally, it is a lot of fun, listening to great music and meeting nice people. It is also important to regularly keep your body in good shape. With sarengue® this is very easy as it is being offered in school and general holidays, too.

I just can recommend it and do not want to do without sarengue®.



Dear Alex:

I am an attorney, (55 years old) and I do sarengue® because:

· You do not have to be an athlete neither do you have to put on any silly sports outfit.
· You soon apprehend the steps and you train exactly those parts of your body that fall asleep while working at your desk.
· Your breathing and circular system will boost, you feel relaxed instead of being tired.
· You will recover from tensions in your back.
· You will lift your spirits after hard work, listening to that lively music.
· Those insidious calories do not have any chance anymore. Your waistband will not be tightened.



When in May 2013, the beginning of my retirement, I intended to become more active a friend of mine was keen on telling me something about sarengue®. However, I was a bit afraid.
· 1st I thought I was too old!
· 2nd I permanently suffered from back pain!
· 3rd I had to face the beginning of arthrosis in my knee – and shoulder joint!
· 4th I was a completely unfit person.

Well, after dancing sarengue® for a couple of months, considering the above mentioned points, I can say
· 1st not a problem!
· 2nd I had to suffer from any back pain only once, i.e. being on holiday without sarengue®!
· 3rd concerning my knee joint, the pain has clearly reduced; the pain in my shoulder joint has gone completely!
· 4th for the first time in my life I am enjoying myself being active!

Thanks a lot! Lots of love.


Honestly, I am not that gym type at all, but after my wife persuaded me to join her for a sarengue® class, I would love to treat myself every day with it.

Finally I get to move to music I enjoy, that clears my mind and keeps me fit. After sarengue® I am ready for the day!

, professor at a conservatoire


Four weeks ago I went to the dancing school “Alex” for sarengue®. I did this for my friend Karin though. I have never been the sporty one neither did I care about fitness at all. I would consider myself as a typical couch potato.

It started Tuesday, 10am, and, from the very beginning I liked it. I met nice people, the music was great and I was surprised at the fact that I was even able to do all of the sixty minutes. I got addicted right away and even went to the evening´s class. Ever since I have been taking part in the sarengue® classes and I´d like to point out the results:

It strengthened my body and I lost eight kilos without having to do without chocolate cream on my cappuccino, Mc Donald´s, doner kebab, etc.

Thanks to Alex, who initiated that wonderful program.



As a self-defense trainer I do like sarengue® as it demonstrates a fantastic recreation. Dancing sarengue® you tone totally different parts of your musculature.

Sarengue® is music, sports and fun – all in one and it creates a wonderful physical feeling as well. I enjoy it a lot and I would not want to do without.



It is ideal for keen dancers who do not have a dancing partner, for people who enjoy Latin-American music and for those who consider themselves as being unathletic but still want to do something good for their health.
No matter whether you are old or young, a sports freak or a lazy bone, with some upbeat music moving is a lot more fun!

It is not only sports. You will meet like-minded people and you easily will make new friends.
Since this is no dance that requires a partner you can scent some salsa and meringue in the air without a partner and do something good to your body.
Just come by and check it out yourself.

Another word to clothing: comfortable sport´s wear and proper shoes that slide or wool socks (no sneakers, no non-sliding socks!!)
Please do not bring any drinks as we offer them at fair prices.

By the way: If you attend six classes a week three of them will be free of charge. This is perfect to all those who are off or who have to lose weight for their wedding….