Our SARENGUE® instructors in Erlenstegen

Sandra Vila Santa
Medical assistant


Julia Hütter
Child nurse


Christine Prucker
Anesthesia nurse


Our SARENGUE® schedule in Erlenstegen

Mondays, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Thursdays, 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Course instruction will take place half an hour before.
Starting SARENGUE® is possible at anytime, it is a weekly and permanent course.

Health Center Erlenstegen
On the Goldhammer 4
(Corner Thumenberger Weg)
90491 Nuremberg, Germany

Signing up:
Tel. +49 911 4318611

€10 a person and a day

Clothing - for men and women

Important Note:

Undergoing an instruction into the Sarengue®program is vital – for beginners and for advanced dancers. Within the 30 minutes all the “new ones” will be instructed by educated Sarengue® instructors. Everybody will be individually instructed upon symptoms and state of fitness.

Sarengue® consists of simple moves and is easy to learn- however, you damage your body with even simple moves if you do not follow the correct ones, unless you only wish to enjoy an hour of good music without achieving anything. As the number of people who suffer from back problems or knee problems has been rising in our society, it is very important to us that you follow our instructions.

Every move and every muscle that is to be toned will be explained in detail and we explain possible false postures and wrong moves to the participants. This is the only way to build up muscles, reduce weight, etc.

You should bring comfortable sportswear and proper shoes, slip-socks (no sneakers) or wool socks (no non-slip socks).